Tired of swiping?

Blind speed dating over 3-minute blurred video calls ❤️

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An app? For blind dating? Tell me more...

Blurred Video Call.

Blindlee will initiate a call with someone matching your criteria.

Go on a 3 minute blurred video call. We'll suggest some fun topics.

  • 3 Minutes
  • Blurred


During the 3 minute video call, women control the blur.

If both of you liked the call, you match. Ice-breaker done. Take it from there.

  • Women Control
  • The Blur

Our Video Teaser

Our Story

Blindlee was founded by Sacha Nasan and Glenn Keller.

Their cousin went on a date where the man who showed up was about 15 years older.
She found out he had used old pictures on his profile. But that’s just one story and there are many of these.
Growing tired of the sometimes fake and superficial aspect of the online dating world, Sacha and
Glenn decided to found Blindlee to make the process more transparent and safer but also fun 🎉.

The picture below is blurred (obviously...)
Hint: Hover over with your mouse or click on the picture to unblur it.

Expose yourself to as much randomness as possible.

- Ben Casnocha

Randomness works well in search - sometimes better than humans.

- Nassim Nicholas Taieb

Everything we care about lies somewhere in the middle, where pattern and randomness interlace.

- James Gleick

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Let the adventure of blind dating begin! Curious to see who you will meet?

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