How to Tell if Your Date Likes You

They smile, they say jokes and they seem to wink at you. Is this a sign they like you or have you had too much wine? Here are a few clues that your date is really into you.

1. Only you…

If they seem to ask you so so many personal questions and they forget to talk about themselves or any other subject, well then it’s no surprise they are so so into you.

2. Little details

If they like you, they will obviously look at you and notice small details, such as a birth sign or a scar and ask you about them.

3. May I hold your hand?

They might be a gentleman or a polite lady but if they offer to hold the door, hold your hands if you need to jump over a puddle or they are overly polite, then they just might feel something for you.

4. No interruptions, please!

When you are with friends they might interrupt you to add their opinion to your story, but someone who really likes you will want to hear every detail about stories you tell, even one that you consider boring.

5. Shhh!

If they share something very private with you, although you just met them, that means they trust you to keep it safe because they feel close to you.

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